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A.I.J.S. Poetry Awards - 10 March 2017

March 21, 2017

The Association of Independent Junior Schools (A.I.J.S) is an umbrella organisation for private primary schools in Ireland.  There are approximately 40 member schools throughout the country. Private primary schools in Ireland receive no state funding and the government terms us 'unrecognised'.  Because we function independently of the government, our own association provides us with a forum for discussion, development, debate, information exchange, training, lobbying etc.  


We also use our association for running competitions between our students.  These competitions cover diverse areas: sport, music, art, handwriting, creative writing and photography are but a few examples.  We will presently be working on entries for a story writing competition.


We are delighted to be able to brag about some winners in the last competition which was a poetry writing competition with the simple theme of 'Water'.  


Here are our award winners with their certificates and prizes:



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