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Blackrock Castle Observatory Dome Visit - 19th October 2018

October 20, 2018

Today we learnt all about the stars, planets and how we get day and night. 


Blackrock Observatory were very kind to bring their inflatable observatory dome to Trinity Hall for us to investigate.


Our guide for the day was Frances, she showed us how to enter the airtight inflatable dome. We had to pretend we were swimming in the door so we didn't release too much air from the inflatable structure. 


Once inside we were given a planetarium show. We counted the stars above us. Frances said if you tried to count all the stars in the sky you would probably get to 2,000, but these are only the stars we can see. There are many more we cannot see because they are too far away. 


Frances asked us to find patterns in the stars. We looked very carefully and found the patterns for a swan, eagle, dolphin and many animals and people from old stories. 


We also saw the planets Mars, Earth and Jupiter. We could see Mars had two moons, Earth had one moon and Jupiter had over 60 moons!! 


We got to see an amazing space movie with scenes from space history. We found out an interesting fact, it has been 50 years since man walked on the moon. Maybe one of our Scoil Mhuire girls will become an astronaut and go to the moon! How exciting!  
















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