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More Home-made Cleaning Supplies

Glass Cleaner Ingredients

1. 2 cups of water (distilled or filtered is best so it does not leave residue)

2. 2 tablespoons vinegar

3. 10 drops essential oil of choice– lemon is good as it helps cut out the vinegar smell

Combine ingredients in a spray bottle (preferably glass) and use as needed to clean window.

Use a microfiber cloth to wipe windows clean with this recipe.

Note: if you have always used commercial window cleaner in the past, mix a couple drops of liquid castile soap or liquid dish soap in some of this mixture the first time you clean the windows to remove detergent residue.

Oven Cleaner

· Spray bottle with water

· Baking soda

1. Spray the entire interior of the oven with water, making sure it is evenly damp.

2. Pour about 1/4 inch layer of baking soda on the bottom of the oven. If you see any dry spots, mist it with the water bottle until it resembles a paste.

3. Walk away and leave the paste on for a few hours (with the oven off)

4. After a few hours, simply wipe up the paste with a cloth or an old towel. All the grime will come with it!

5. For really baked-on grime, this may take a couple applications, but it always works and it is 100% natural.

Note: It is important to make sure that any residue has been completely removed before using the oven as any remaining baking soda may smoke if left in contact with the heating element!

Lavender & Tea Tree Stonesafe Kitchen Spray


~450ml/16fl oz cooled boiled water,

~2 tablespoons vodka,

~2 teaspoons liquid castile soap,

~15 drops of lavender essential oil,

~10 drops of tea tree essential



~Put all ingredients into a spray bottle, secure the pump lid and shake well to combine.

To use:

Shake,then spray directly onto your worktop.Buff up with a clean,dry cloth.

By.Millie and Ruby, 5th Class

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